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Can you remember a time when you sat down on the sofa after a busy day at work, looked around you and realised that even with the much hyped digital technology, things weren't as forthcoming as they should? A time were you felt Simplicity had suddenly vanished with a new imposed requirement to change behaviour just to keep-up?

The proliferation of digital technology has brought in more and more control devices to our living space than ever before. Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Sky Digital, Virgin Media, and many more have been the game-changers of tomorrow's digital world. Competition becomes fiercer for your hard-earned cash as a consumer and these giants are increasingly unlikely to share IP secrets in a common platform.

As new household digital devices crop-up every year people are left pondering on how to best manage remote controls that come with these. We looked at the current market offering (storage caddies, organisers, all-in-One Remotes) and realised none offered a true consolidation solution without a need to change human behaviour or add unnecessary complexity to your audiovisual experience. In fact they added more clutter into your living space.

We decided to bring back simplicity with something that works well for households as well as Offices that have multiple audio-visual requirements. A creative and customisable product that exhibits style and order over multiple wireless handheld remote controls from a single portable point of use. The Lemscorp Remote Control Hub was born to do just that.

Our story really began like this:

This is the beginning of an exciting journey as we are already working at other customisable products for your living space, so keep in tune and leave your email/contact details to be the first in the know.


Founder / Project Manager: Founder & Chief Whip
His definition of Success is down to persistence and simplicity with an eye for detail at every stage of development. Whether it is Design, Manufacturing, Marketing, Distribution, Sales & After sales Support..., we have it all covered.

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