Q1.  Can I order the Hub using Paypal?

  • A1- Yes you can order using Paypal, as well as all major credit cards such as Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Solo and a variety of other Credit Cards not mentioned here via our secure portal.
 Q2.  How long will it take me to get my Remote Hub, once ordered?
  • A2 - Subject to stock availability and where you are around the world, you will  be notified soon after the order cart on how long it will take our accredited distribution outlets to get your product to your door step.

Q3.   Can I order the Hub in a Colour of my choice?

  • A3 - Yes you can, simply select from the available colour choices. If you would like to order in a colour that is not on the list, simply drop us an email and we can come-up with a solution at a small premium.
Q4.   How long will the attachment accessory last, and can I replace it?
  • A4 - It will last for as long as you want it to last for. It is anticipated that users may only get the remote control off the hub when they wish to either change the device or replace the battery.
Q5.   Will there be an opportunity to service my Remote Hub?
  • A5 - Yes, Our Service centre will be able to repair/replace damaged parts due  to wear and tear over the years for a fee.
Q6.   Can I change my Hub's Colour Regime?
  • A6 - Yes you can, simply obtain the inserts from our store at a small fee and change the appearance each time you want to change its looks.
Q7.   If Dropped can it break?
  • A7 - Depending on the strength of the drop, most likely it will break just like any other product. Light/medium accidental drops should be fine since the buffer material is rubber-like. Heavy drops could see the remotes dislodge themselves from the hub, and if all checks-out ok, simple re-attach. Its worth noting that this is an ornamental feature and not a football.
Q8.    Am I supplied with spare attachment accessories for the Remote Hub?
  • A8 - Yes, each remote hub is supplied with two accessory strips for each remote control and enough for an extra remote control. For a small fee, you can order more accessories for additional remote controls from our online store.
Q9.    I love the Lemscorp Remote Hub and I want to Stock them at my Store! How do I go about  
         getting this done?

  • A9 - Simple... We would love to hear from you. There competitive mark-up  deals depending on order size available for distributors who would like to  take part in making this happen. Your store could be taking part too. Send us an email or contact us directly by phone via our Contact-Us tab.
Q10.  I love the Lemscorp Remote Hub and I want to manufacture them and distribute in my
         Country. How do I go about getting this done?

  • A10 - As a Design Registered and Patent Pending Product, under International IP Law you will need to obtain a License to do so from us. We would love to hear from you so please send us an email or contact us directly by phone via our Contact-Us tab.
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